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5 reasons why I've not posted in 4 months

Four months. It’s a record. Yep, four months is officially the longest time between aileengoeson blogposts. It's true: since I started blogging 10 years ago, I have posted at least once a month. (Okay, occasionally two months might have slipped passed, but rarely.) So, if you’re still here, thank you! I appreciate you reading my musings; I know you could be doing other things, and it means a lot to me that you choose to hang out here with me.

Anyway, I figure you might want an explanation for why I’ve been away so long. Here’s what has been happening.

  • Last fall, I returned to Gardner-Webb University to pursue my Doctor of Ministry. I’ve completed the first year and have learned that doctorate level courses are in fact more demanding than those at the master’s level which are—coincidentally—more work than undergraduate courses. (I’m quick like that.) Anyway, the course I took in the Spring ended in April and I lost count of the number of hours I poured into it—most of those writing. Made this pre-doc slightly less motivated to write anything for fun.
    watching andy griffith in the hospital

    To combat hospital boredom, we played old Andy Griffith reruns on my ipad for my father-in-law. It was kick-your-feet up funny.

  • You may remember my father-in-law suffered a heart attack and had bypass surgery earlier this year. That was followed by an extensive hospital stay and included a detour over to ICU for my mother-in-law. Thanks be to God, t
    summer study abroad

    And there she goes, off to Italy for five weeks of intense "study."

    hey are both doing much better now, and we are grateful. Between then and now, though, there was not a lot of head space for creative writing.

  • Back in March of 2017, my son became engaged to his long-time girlfriend. They set the date 14 months later: May 19, 2018. (Math fact: 14 months equals approximately 14 seconds in wedding planning time.) There were details piled all up on top of each other—many of which could not be handled more than a month or so in advance. Blog writing, therefore, got pushed way down the priority list.
    veggietales mother groom dance

    For our special dance, my son and I performed an interpretive dance to the Veggietales classic, "Where is My Hairbrush." "Poignant" does not come close to describing it.

  • Also, my son graduated from college. Did I already say that? Yeah, that happened on May 4. Our NYC daughter flew in for the ceremony in Greensboro, NC and our younger daughter zipped over from Raleigh. Both girls scooted back to their respective colleges to finish up the semester and get back for wedding festivities. Between the graduation and the wedding, younger daughter moved out of her college dorm and back home. She had four days before the wedding to run errands and pack for her summer session in Italy; she boarded her plane Tuesday, May 22.
  • During the wedding week, we (of course) had lots of company in and out. Our out-of-town family began arriving on Tuesday and were here through Sunday or Monday. We LOVED it; we are so very grateful for the sacrifices so many folks made to be a part of this milestone in our lives. Savoring those precious days, I let the blog wait.

I have several pieces started to share with you in the next week or two, so stay with me. I promise I’ll be back sooner rather than later. And thanks again for reading. Almost nothing thrills me more than the words, “I love your blog!”

23 Things About Me

Musings on Me: 23 Truths about Me

Rev Aileen LawrimoreWhen trying to decide what to post today, I went through my files looking for things I’d written previously, but had not yet posted on my blog. I found several lists of “things about me,” likely a response to some Facebook challenge in the early days of social media when I actually accepted such challenges. Anyway, I sifted through the different lists and compiled a new one. Here are 23 things about me. Do we have anything in common?

  1. As a child, I read all the books in my library on Abraham Lincoln and on Harriet Tubman and many other biographies. Clara Barton, Florence Nightingale, George Washington Carver . . .
  2. Alex Haley’s Roots was a key experience of my childhood.
  3. I have a friend from Denmark. We’ve been friends for almost four decades.
  4. My Danish friend is from Greenland; I visited her there for a month in 1982.
  5. I do not know how to knit or crochet.
  6. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, I was the sign language interpreter at First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City. Our service was televised; I appeared in an inset frame in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  7. I don’t remember much of the sign language I used to know.
  8. I get mad at Siri when she doesn’t understand my Southern accent. She’s a complete ignoramus with absolutely no Southern charm, bless her heart.
  9. My favorite color has been purple since the late 70’s. Before that, it was yellow.
  10. I loved getting up in the middle of the night to feed my babies.
  11. The worst pain I’ve ever felt was not childbirth. It was a corneal ulcer. Think open wound in your eye. Yep. That hurt.
  12. In my first job back in 1982, I worked in a seafood kitchen. One thing I had to do was to prep the food to be cooked. That included, among other things, washing the oysters. Eww.
  13. I once worked for a perfect boss and had a perfect assistant at the same time. I was not working at a seafood restaurant at the time.
  14. I’ve never said, “Gosh, I wish I hadn’t exercised today.
  15. I’ve never thought, “Having that second serving? Sure glad I did that!”
  16. On Lincoln’s birthday nearly every year (February 12), I read the Gettysburg Address and it always brings tears to my eyes. (So does the “I Have a Dream” speech).
  17. I do not play the lottery and I do not like Las Vegas.
  18. When talking about my sister, I usually call her, “My sister,” whether the person knows her by name or not. My sister does the same thing when talking about me.
  19. I have always loved church. As a child, I loved two-week long Vacation Bible School and week-long revivals. When my dad preached at revivals or officiated at weddings, I always wanted to go with him.
  20. I follow rules. I put my shopping cart back. I don’t walk until the red hand is gone and the little man appears. I go in the in the entrance and out the exit. That’s the rule. So that’s what I do.
  21. On Christmas mornings when I was young, I was always most excited to see which book I would get and would spend the entire afternoon reading it.
  22. I once catalogued the children’s books and encyclopedias in our home using some form of the Dewey Decimal system—the library catalog system that was in use at the time (circa 1972, when I was 7 years old).
  23. I can’t remember ever being bored. Seriously. I can’t. (There’s always one more book to read.)

So. Do we have anything in common? Comment below to let me know.