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7 Apps I use Daily

apps I loveI came relatively late to the smart phone game, preferring, instead, to have a stupid phone that I could boss around a bit. Once I made the switch from flip phone to iphone, though, I went all the way. I love having a gps, a word processor, and a game consol in the palm of my hand. Plus it's also a calendar. And a calculator. AND you can video call on the thing! Makes me feel like Jane Jetson!

I've so adapted to the smartphone life that I have a number of applications (or "apps" as we tech-savvy folk say) I use every day. The teacher in me has to share whenever I learn a new thing, so here you go: 6 apps I use daily.

Clear: This list app is perhaps the simplest application on my phone. Most people will be able to use it instantly. With Clear, I have a packing list, a work to-do list, a home to-do list, a list of what should be in my gym bag, a grocery list, even a prayer list. I make lists for all kinds of things quickly and easily and I love it. Plus, you can change the default color to purple. #winwin

Way of Life: OMG I just got this a few weeks ago and it is fantastic! It's billed as the "ultimate habit builder or breaker" and I believe it! You set daily goals and then check them off as you accomplish them. For example, my goals include flossing, uncluttering, exercising, stretching, and others. The free app allows three goals, but I bought the premium version ($4.99) so I could track more habits. Seriously, my house is straighter, my teeth are cleaner, and I'm in better shape. I can't wait to open it every day to check off my accomplishments.

My Fitness Pal: You could probably find 100 different apps that work well for tracking food choices and I've used a good number of them myself. I like Loseit a lot and also sparkpeople. Weight Watchers has an app too. But for me, for now, My Fitness Pal is the winner. For the past four months or so, I've tracked my meals and snacks using this application. I still use the free version and it suits me just fine. Using My Fitness Pal is such a habit for me, I open it as I'm fixing my breakfast and keep it open all day. Like Way of Life, it is a real habit builder. Use the two together and you're basically a habit super-builder!

Hours Tracker: Because I have a flexible work schedule, I keep track of time and tasks using this application. I like it because it's free and I could use it instantly without any tutorial. It's like having a work log and a time clock all in one. HoursTracker includes lots of features I don't use at all: tracking multiple jobs, billing and pay period notifications, export capabilities, and more. Self-employed or contract worker? This application is a real efficiency boost.

Audible: I love me some Amazon. I've got AmazonPrime and I use it everyday. Until recently, though, I'd not checked out Amazon's affiliate Audible. (I can't even remember now why I decided to sign up for it.) In addition to the many podcasts I enjoy, I've loved listening to full books through Audible. I have downloaded books by authors as varied as Anne Lamott and Ta-Nehesi Coates, Chris Hedges and Timothy Ferriss. Actually, because I have a preference for printed books, I've been known to purchase hard copies of my audible books. (Don't judge!) I enjoy highlighting text and referring back to favorite sections; however, Audible does have the capability to bookmark sections and mark clips. (I mainly listen straight through though and don't really use those features.) Anyway, the app is free, the books are affordable, and when I listen to them (while exercising, driving, or walking the beagle) I feel like I'm multi-tasking. Love it.

KeyRing: Okay this one is the absolute bomb! Do you have a half dozen or more little plastic membership tags on your key ring? Get this app and upload all of those different VIP cards. Then you just open the app, scroll down to the shop your visiting, tap that card, and you're all set. No cards hanging on your key chain, all your discounts ready to use. Woot!

7 Little Words: I stumbled upon this game one day and have played it nearly every day since. What I like about it is that you'd have to work to over-play it: you only get one free puzzle a day. Give me a game like Tetris, Bejeweled, or Peggle and I can easily slip into a stupor of non-productivity. 7 Little Words keeps me from doing that, but gives me a nice little diversion when I need/want a short break. (It takes me about five minutes, more or less, to complete a puzzle.) There are (surprise surprise) seven clues to seven words. You unscramble letter combos to answer the clues. There are in-app purchases--extra puzzles and hints and so on--but the app is free and the daily puzzles are too. If you like word puzzles, give this one a try. I think you'll enjoy it.

So what about you? What apps do you use the most?