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Happy Birthday Baker!

Back then, Pikachu and Charizard were still on the drawing board; “Wifi” and “Google” were nonsense words; and Netflix was about to start a mail order movie rental business, competing with the industry giant, Blockbuster Video. Households might have had one desktop computer for use by the entire family, and long distance rates varied based on the time of day. Also in 1996, mobile phones were roughly the size of today’s mobile tiny houses. Give or take an antennae or two.

But the most memorable thing about 1996, at least to the Lawrimore family, was the birth of Baker Powell Lawrimore. How that cuddly little noise maker is now a grown man, I’ll never be able to explain.

Here on the blog, you’ll find lots of posts about Baker, my absolute favorite son. (I’ve linked a few below.) And he actually has a few guest posts himself. (You can find these by using the search tool on the blog, keyword, “Baker.”)

So in honor of his birthday, you are invited to read a little bit about my son. He’s kind of a nice fella, if I do say so myself.

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  3. The one where Baker is suddenly taller than his mother. Baker and Bone Mass
  4. The one in which Baker becomes a theologian. Light in the Darkness: Baker’s Firefly
  5. The one that tells about Baker not getting shot. And Justice for All
  6. The one that lists a few things Baker has said over the years that illustrate just how fabulous he is. My Fabulous Baker Boy


My Fabulous Baker Boy

My Fabulous Baker Boy

parenting sonMy son, born 3/12/96, just celebrated his 20th birthday. (Hard to believe since I surely haven't gotten 20 years older since he was born.) I've always said my boy is the sweetest one. My girls agree. Here are a few things he's said over the years that illustrate the point.

  1. 2 Years: “It’s just pretend.” (He often wore this shirt that had the cartoonish face of a monster peeking out of the front pocket.)
  2. 2.5 years: "Hurricane Wabbit!" (His first joke--said with a twinkle in his eye when I asked if he remembered the name of the storm we'd just been through at my parents' home: Hurricane Bonnie. To his ears, Bonnie = Bunny. Seeing the opportunity for a laugh, he went for it.)
  3. 3 Years: “Does asthma ever grow up?” (Thankfully, his did.)
  4. 3 Years: “This is going to be great!” (In response to my saying in the midst of a hug, “I think we’re stuck, Baker! I guess I’ll have to hug you all day long!”)
  5. 5 or 6 (?) Years: “If you come in here during the night and can’t find me, make sure you look down there.” (Pointing out the 1.5 inch space between his bed and the wall. We assured him that if we went into his room during the night and couldn’t find him, we’d be sure to look until we’d found him.)
  6. 1st Grade: “I thought I was going to get to see Margaret today, but then you came alone.” (I had timed my volunteering in his classroom when Margaret was in preschool so that he would have my full attention. Later, when I asked him if he enjoyed having me there, this was his response.)
  7. 1st Grade: “I’m sad because I’m afraid Arnold* won’t have any food this summer after school is out.” (Getting emotional on the last day of school when the rest of the family was celebrating. Arnold was a child with limited resources and multiple barriers. His concern was not unfounded.)
  8. 2nd Grade: “Bully-Bob* said I talked like a baby today and I tried to explain that I go to Mr. Lister for speech but there were too many S’s.”
  9. 3rd Grade: “First I’d want Caleb to be healed. Then I would want everyone to come to know Jesus.” (When I asked what he'd want if he could have anything for Christmas that money wouldn’t buy.)
  10. 5th Grade: “I think he just picks on me because he has a bad home life.” (Regarding another child who was unkind to him.)
  11. Middle(?) School: “Not many people have a mom who would help them with their homework like you help me. Thank you.” (Want the full story of that really, really long night? Click here.)
  12. 6th Grade: “When I play my trombone, it relaxes me.”
  13. 6th Grade: “For my birthday party, could I get gifts for Paxten instead?” (A three-year-old in our church had terminal cancer. Baker’s 12th birthday party was a fundraiser for Paxten’s family.)
  14. 6th Grade: “I want to have Alfred* to my birthday party because no one likes him and I want him to feel special.” (Name change.)
  15. 7th Grade: “I liked singing there because it seemed to make them so happy.” (After his first youth choir trip when they visited a facility for recovering addicts.)

What a blessing this funny, sensitive, thoughtful boy has been to our family for two decades. For the joy he has brought to our lives, the Lawrimore family is truly grateful.