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inconvenience not tragedy

Inconvenience, not Tragedy

I killed my laptop. It was an accident, more computerslaughter than murder. But nonetheless, the thing is as dead as if I'd shot it. Luckily, Charlotte Street Computers (all hail the mighty CSC!) resuscitated my hard drive and transplanted it into a new, more compact, body. I am eternally grateful for their expertise, really I am. But still, I'm having to go through a usb cord to get to all my files, using my work computer--a desk top that resides 20 minutes away from my home. (#firstworldproblems) Also, I'm loading all the files up to Google Drive so I can access them elsewhere and it's all going to be fine. I have other technology and I'll just use those to write until I decide what to do about a new laptop.

So this is truly NOT a tragedy. It IS doggone inconvenient though.

As a result of my mounting frustration, I'm reminding myself of what a tragedy is.

  • Cancer is a tragedy and so are strokes.
  • Childhood cancer is particularly tragic: singularly and inimitably so.
  • Other diseases--those chronic and incurable ones especially--are tragic.
  • Fire is tragic, so tragic. Floods too. Those are horrific.
  • Wrecks can be tragic, though whenever I've been involved in one, it's been merely inconvenient. Still, wrecks can be devastating in all kinds of ways.
  • Terrorism, plus all forms of gun violence. Now that's some tragedy right there.
  • Loss of income--that could be tragic. I mean, it would depend, wouldn't it? If you have another source of income, if you wanted to quit your job but couldn't figure out how to do so, if you have family or loved ones who are happy to support you . . . well then, it might just be inconvenient. But often, loss of income can be tragic.
  • Loss of a pet, though not at all on the level of some of these, is a form of tragedy all the same, and certainly far worse than laptop woes.

Nope, this situation here is an inconvenience: a frustrating, annoying, time-sucking one. But I will not promote this to tragic proportions. I will not allow this to be devastating, because for heaven's sake it is a thing not a child. I can be annoyed, but not overwhelmed; irritated, but not destroyed.

Now. As I wait for my files to load to Google Drive, I'll keep re-reading this until I get the message.

Happy Weekend!