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Thanks and Gripes

As I was driving to church this morning, I found myself wishing that there was such a thing as a steering wheel warmer to go along with the seat warmer. Yep. I'm admitting it: I was once again stymied by a first world dilemma.

It occurred to me (once my hands warmed up enough that my brain kicked in) that I might consider being thankful for my blessings rather than focus on the inconveniences in my life.

"Self," I said to myself, "this would be a great Lenten discipline for you: practice thanksgiving."

"But Self," I whined in reply, (I drug out "self" into two syllables just to make myself get my point.) "Lent has already begun and I'm already behind."

"Self," I said (pronouncing "self" crisply and succinctly so there would be no wiggling out of it before I got it said) "just how long has Lent been going on?"

"Like a week!"


"Well, almost a week."

"Four days."

"So. That means I'm 4 days behind."

"Right. Ummmmm, I'm pretty sure you could go ahead and start being more grateful right now."

"Yeah, but how will I measure my thankfulness?" (I had a point there. Goals really should be measurable.)

"I believe you have a blog, don't you?" (My Self can be very snarky.)

"Fine. I will practice thankfulness through the remainder of Lent and will make a daily blogpost about that thankfulness."

"That's a good Self!"

"Thank you. You're not so bad Yourself. (Or should that be 'Myself?')"

"I'm welcome."

(Today, Sunday February 17, I'm thankful for First Baptist Church of Marion: my other home church.)

About the Author Aileen Lawrimore

Aileen Mitchell Lawrimore is a mother x 3, wife x 28 (years not men), minister, speaker, writer, retreat leader, and lover of beagles and books. She has a lot to say.

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