Knock, Knock, Knock*

Notice the matching outfits, necklaces, and yes, even haircuts (evidently the only one our mother knew how to do). December 1967

She was just an “only.”

I made her “oldest.”

She loved me before I was born.

We wore matching Easter dresses and carried matching purses that Mama stitched up on her Singer™.

Brunette? That’s her. The blond one—that’s me.

We spoke our own language. No one else understood.

She loved me before I was born.

Old Maid, Monopoly, Careers.

Chrissy and Velvet. (Hair-growing dolls.)

Roller skates, not blades, and bicycles with banana seats and long handlebars that had windmills on them that spun wildly when we raced down the hill.

We laughed.

She just loved me—before I was even born.

She was always the teacher. I was always the student.

Except since we've grown up and life's grown up: now we take turns being the teacher, being the student.

White Lake. Yates’ Pond. And hotel pools.

She saved my life when I fell in.

That’s how much she loved me--ever since before I was born.

She had the top bunk; I had the bottom.

We fought our way through the teen years and clung to each other when college pulled us apart.

We held each other’s flowers through the “I do’s,”

Each other’s hearts through each nine months.

We loved each other’s. Before they were born.

When I need her,

When she needs me,

We are already there.

Because she loved me before I was born. And I’ve loved her right back.


*Knock, Knock, Knock: an action done by knocking three times on the headboard of either the top or bottom bunk that prompts the hearer to knock three times on a headboard in response. Most common meaning is "I love you/I love you too," but can also mean, "You awake?" with the response or lack thereof answering the question. During thunderstorms or troublesome times, could also mean, "Don't be scared/I won't if you won't."

About the Author Aileen Lawrimore

Aileen Mitchell Lawrimore is a mother x 3, wife x 28 (years not men), minister, speaker, writer, retreat leader, and lover of beagles and books. She has a lot to say.

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Dawn says April 10, 2012

What did I say to you on the phone today? (Really, I forget.) Uncannily close, if memory serves even a bit.

You are my very favorite of all time. Knock knock knock . . .

    Aileen Lawrimore says April 11, 2012

    We were talking about the frustrations of life, for you, for me, and you said something like, "Know I'm here for you. And I know you are there for me." And I said, "You must have read my blog." You said, "No. Haven't gotten around to it yet."
    Knock Knock Knock.

Anonymous says April 25, 2014

LOVE, LOVE the Knock, knock...,mother

Harold Mitchell says April 26, 2014

so that's what you did when you were supposed to be sleeping.. Daddy

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