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"Aileen Goes On..."

About faith, family, and more.

Aileen, an ordained Baptist minister, tends to go on a bit about faith.

Parents, Kids, Cousins, & more. Find Aileen’s family stories here.

From sweet tea to smoking on the beach--you'll find all kinds of posts here.

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Evangelism According to Me
Back in the 70's and 80's, religious tracts were printed by the truckload for eager evangelists--many of them Baptists--itching to[...]
Celebration & Sadness: Palm Sunday 2019
From the 1957 Broadway production of West Side Story When I was a teenager, I saw the movie West Side[...]
CBFNC 2019: Canoeing the Mountains
On March 28, I joined other leaders in Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina (CBFNC) as we listened to Dr.[...]
Condemn the accused? I'll Pass.
Each week, I write a short piece for Ecclesia Baptist newsletter. This week, Aileen did in fact go on (as[...]
Int'l Women's Day: My Favorite Woman
I have been blessed by many strong women in my life. There were school and church teachers, neighbors and mothers[...]
Some thoughts on Lenten disciplines
I grew up Southern Baptist, so if it weren't for my Lutheran best friend giving up sweets every year around[...]

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