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Beginning again, again.
I still call myself a preacher’s kid, even though Daddy has been retired from the pastorate since 2001 and I[...]
Real music of the church
A rerun originally published July 31, 2011Noise. Grating, irritating, cacophonous, noise. The strings sounded awful—each one seeming to play a[...]
Pain lingers long after life wreck passes
If you’ve ever been in a semi-serious car accident, you know what I mean. On the scale between fender bender[...]
9 ways my dad wins at being a dad
The card I sent Daddy this year for Father's Day says,Whenever I see someone with a "World's Greatest Dad" mug,[...]
8 Instagram accounts that make me smile
A little over a year ago, I overhauled my blog with the help of WordPress guru, Renee’ Groskreutz. One of[...]
5 reasons why I've not posted in 4 months
Four months. It’s a record. Yep, four months is officially the longest time between aileengoeson blogposts. It's true: since I[...]

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