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Aileen, an ordained Baptist minister, tends to go on a bit about faith.

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A Vision of Memory
Published originally January 22, 2011 Certain things bring certain people to mind. Like, at the mention of oatmeal raisin cookies,[...]
Snowless Snow Days and Automatic Experts
Complaining about snow days. It’s what we do here in Western North Carolina The problem? The weather here is anything[...]
8 things to do when church is cancelled
In my part of the world, frigid temperatures and icy roads have caused many churches to cancel services tomorrow. True[...]
Aileen Goes On 2016 Year in Review
It's been a busy year here at Aileen Goes On! Thanks for reading, liking, tweeting, sharing, commenting, subscribing, adding, following, and[...]
5 types of resolutions for a Happy New Year
When my kids were younger, around the first of each January we'd sit at our kitchen table together and make our[...]
War on Christmas Greetings
Back before holiday greetings came under scrutiny, it was easy. Sometimes I would say, “Merry Christmas!” More often, though, I would say, “Happy[...]

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