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Aileen, an ordained Baptist minister, tends to go on a bit about faith.

Parents, Kids, Cousins, & more. Find Aileen’s family stories here.

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Kairos > Chronos
Published Originally Oct. 7, 2011 “Where has the time gone?” I say to just about anyone who will listen. “Don't[...]
The Little Red Church
Back in 2011, I wrote this little parody of the classic children's story "The Little Red Hen." From time to[...]
Amazing grace: Settling a troubled soul – Baptist News Global
This piece appeared first as my July column for Baptist News Global. You'll find the full text at the link[...]
Depression: Beware the Stereotype
Over the course of one week, I learned of two individuals who took their own lives. Both were successful people,[...]
Graduation ceremonies: why being there matters
The 2017 graduation season has been an eventful one for the Lawrimore family and friends. First to turn the tassel[...]
Ready or not, church, change is coming – Baptist News Global
“You know that trick where a person pulls the tablecloth off of a table set with fine china, leaving everything[...]

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