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Aileen, an ordained Baptist minister, tends to go on a bit about faith.

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Depression: 6 bits of unwanted advice and my (unspoken) responses.
Having battled depression since I was in the first grade, I’ve gotten lots of suggestions and advice over the years[...]
Teenaged girl’s ministry becomes Baptist woman’s call – Baptist News Global
Nothing in the program guide suggested I might slip through a time portal during worship. I’m sure of it; I[...]
The Proposal: The Ring
They had already been married six years by then, so it caught her completely by surprise. It was 1931 and[...]
The Proposal: Baker and Addison
“How would it be if I proposed tomorrow night?” The question of how and when to propose was one my[...]
Pregnant with Delusion
It’s not really known as a purveyor of youthful fashions. Sure, youngish folk stop by, even find a bargain on[...]
Defining beauty--no slimming necessary
Have you noticed? Every garment promises it—from blouses and dresses to jeans and jackets: “Slim Fit.” “Super Slimming.” “Secretly Slimming.”[...]

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