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Tempted to give advice? Don't.
Original Publication: July 31, 2012 “Oh, she’ll be fine!”  “She’ll love it there!”  “She is so ready for this new[...]
A Year of Aileenisms
In the monthly newsletter that I send out to subscribers . . . Wait, what? You're not subscribed? Well, you[...]
Favorite Things
“That pizza smells good,“ my four-year-old nephew Banks said, his blue eyes sparkling. We were sitting on the back porch[...]
4 ways to respond to bullies (shining the light on the roach)
Ever wished you knew how to respond to the bullies in your life? You know, those people who feel free[...]
6 Things (and then some) that I saw in New York City
Recently, my daughter moved to Brooklyn to attend New York University in pursuit of her PhD. Other than the airports,[...]
Elevating Preaching Conference 2017
During the 2017 Elevating Preaching Conference held at my alma mater, Gardner-Webb University, attendees heard three preachers whose words challenged[...]

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