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Abraham Lincoln, Depression, & the Gettysburg Address.
February 2017 I have always loved Abraham Lincoln. As a child, I read all of the biographies on him I could find.[...]
Depression is a liar
When I was four and my brother was just a few months old, I started first grade. Okay, not exactly.[...]
Depression in elementary school
The first memory I have of profound sadness which I would later understand to be depression, begins on one unforgettably[...]
Depression: A coming out story
“Ugh! I’m so overwhelmed,” my sister said. It was 1998. She had a toddler and was working full-time; I was[...]
My Mother and Hers: Caregiving and Dementia
  My grandmother was born January 24, 1905; it's hard to say when the dementia began, but by the mid 80's it[...]
Let the Record Show | john pavlovitz
(While I don't agree with everything anyone says, I liked this piece a lot and thought my readers might as[...]

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