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Aileen, an ordained Baptist minister, tends to go on a bit about faith.

Parents, Kids, Cousins, & more. Find Aileen’s family stories here.

From sweet tea to smoking on the beach--you'll find all kinds of posts here.

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Giggles lost, Hope found.
Published originally on March 15, 2009 Margaret, our animal whisperer (the one of our three who knows the daily schedule of[...]
The origin of Hope
Published originally 2/22/09 Some years ago, I was overcome by a sense of hopelessness after volunteering in a fourth grade[...]
4 Tools to Improve Your Relationships with Children
As Minister with Children and Youth and as a parent of three children ages 18-22, I hear a lot of parent[...]
From the Mount of Olives
Reflections from my trip to Jerusalem in May 2008 with Gardner-Webb Divinity School. Original published May 21, 2008 Did you[...]
Thank You #19 to Music Ministers
The first one I remember was Fred Mallory. He was the Minister of Music when my dad was pastor of[...]
Holy Ground, sans Sis.
Another of my earlier posts from back in 2008, written about my trip to the Holy Land. I've said over and[...]

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