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Need a little good news? Feeling like the world’s just getting worse by the day? I was too, so I[...]
My daddy, my pastor
Back in January 2008, I had just started divinity school at Gardner-Webb University; one of my classes was Introduction to Preaching[...]
3 new favorites in Asheville, NC
Chicken Salad Chick When I saw their sign in an Asheville, NC shopping center, I was doubtful. I mean, I[...]
A Wall of Living Stones at Caswell
One of my favorite stories of all time, from May 2014. When the youth group goes to Fort Caswell for the[...]
Choosing a College: 4 TRUTHS, 4 MYTHS
It's that time of year: admissions decisions are being finalized, scholarship applications are due, and students are trying to decide where they’ll attend[...]
Leadership: best achieved when supported by love
8/12/2018How fitting that on my first day as shepherd at Ecclesia Baptist, my "Hur" surprised me and came to the[...]

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